Legacy of Fire

Session 7: Who let the Dogs out?

After some discussion of what to do next, the party decided to approach the Kelemarane Battle Market from the side of the church. The party made its way to the western side of the ruined village with no problems. They then sent Raz up the cliff to the church. Raz dropped a rope down to the rest of the group, and after a few mis-steps, they made their way to the top.

Upon reaching the top, the party found themselves in Kelmarane’s Graveyard, with the bulk of the church of Sarenrae between them and the Battlemarket. Going to the north they spied a figure praying at a statue of Sarenrae on the outer edge of the graveyard. Upon approach the man turned to face them and starated to approach. As he approached his aspect changed, and he bacame fully undead as he attacked the party, focusing on Irizati. The party ran to their cleric’s rescue and dispatched the creature. Upon closer inspection of the statue, a secret compartment was revealed, in which lay the holy book of Sarenrae for the village. As well as holding the holy text of Sarenrae, it also contained writing about the village and it’s ways, as is common in Sarenrae’s books. Irizati took the holy book to study.

The party then entered the church and found the remains of a battle. Upon approaching the a;tar they found a set of stairs leading downwards, ending in strange glowing doors, etched with faint lines. Although the party tried, they could not get through the doors.

After dicussions, it was decided that Raz and Toby would creep around the ruins and approach the Northern doors of the Battlemarket. They did so, only to realise they had poked a stick at a hornet’s nest. They hastely retreated around the southern side of the church where the rest of the party is waiting, chased by about 20 gnolls and a very large human. The party battled the gnolls on the narrow section between the church and the edge of the cliff, Looking up they noticed the large human had disappeared, only to fly in behind them. On his first round of attacks he almost kills Raz. However, Tessare had a feeling that she should try and talk to the warrior. In speaking to him, she noticed that his face was contorted, and he indicated that he was being dominated, and that they should knock him out, but he would only be able to hold off the domination for a short time. After about 3 rounds the party reduced him unconciousness. Meanwhile, Toby and Davor reduced the gnolls to kindling.

Bounding the Human, Kardswann the party returned to the monestary.

Session 6: Sorry

Absent: None


After retreating back to the Monestary for healing, the party decided to continue with their primary mission of cleaning out Kelemarane.

Firstly the party healed up and Davor prayed in the temple for guidance from her goddess. As she was praying a mist rose around her and Iomedea appeared. “Consider your actions” the goddess warned before disappearing into the mist.

While resting Toby and Raz heard faint screams coming from the village. As the party looked out on the village from the highest point in the monestary, they saw a body sprawled out on the flat section just out from the village’s battle-market. His intestines had been pulled from his body and were staked upon the ground. There was no disernable significance to the pattern made.

The party decided to venture into the village. After checking out the mill and the tannery buildings and finding them clear of all evidence of past occupation, they checked the slave market. When checking the slave market Davor wanted Irizati to stay back, safe from harm.

The party crept through the village checking out all the ruined and empty buildings, until they came upon a more intact building. This had obviously been a hostel in the past. The bottom level was an open room with a bar to one side and an empty fountain in the centre. When entering the building, Raz glimpsed a golden glint in the corner and found an earring. In the meanwhile, Phos looked behind the bar and retreived three bottles. Although they were full, the labels had fallen off and there was no way of telling what they were, short of tasting them. Upstairs there were six bedrooms, each full of dust from the open windows. While some of the party was upstairs, Phos threw a gold coin in the fountain and made a wish that slavery was abolished. The fountain burst into life, water cascading down into the pool.

The party then went through the small door on the ground floor. After a short corridor they came into a building that was obviously a former stable. While investigating the building, Raz and Toby heard a small sound from the loft above. After climbing into the loft they found a very frightened human. When asked his name and how he came to be there he told the party that his name was Felliped. He had been part of an adventuring party that had heard about great treasure concealed in the church of Sarenrae in the village, but had been captured by the gnolls. Only he had escaped, but had only made it as far as the hostel, as he has heard that passing through the pesh fields that surround the village is deadly. Over the two weeks since he has escaped he has seen all but one of his party tortured to death by the gnolls. He thinks there are about 15 gnolls which are directed by a big human, about 7 foot tall. The party decide to take him back to the Monestary then return to save his last party member, Oxvard. When at the monestary Felliped recognises one of the Templars of the Five Winds, Kardswann, as the one directing the gnolls. The party is quite puzzled by this as the Templars are, by all accounts, the good guys. While at the monestary Phos approached Almah to ask her a question but when he called her ‘mistress’ she looked quite confused.

The party went back to the village to rescue the last member of the Lions. However, when rounding the corner where they had been previously attcked by the dire boar they found themselves ambushed by six gnolls, using javelins. The party successfully fought them off, but took damage doing so. Davor spent the battle making sure that Irizati was safe, and got quite wroth when Irizati went into melee. After healing up, the party continued on. The first building they came across after the hostel was a large mansion. Raz unlocked the door and they entered the mansion, to find it in very good condition, and completely untouched by the gnolls.

The next building the party approached was a gatehouse, with smoke emerging from the chimney indicating it is occupied. Tessare used a scroll of Clairvoyance to see within the building, discovering three gnolls and a number of hyenas. Phos suggests that some sort of accellerant poured down the chimney would be good and grabs his three bottles. The first bottle is vinegar, the second is pesh syrup and the third is almost pure achohol. However, as Phos has sipped the pure pesh syrup he starts to act in a very reckless manner, climbing onto the roof to instigate his plan. Toby quickly accompanies him to, hopefully, keep him out of trouble.

The plan goes well. The pure achohol expolsion doing some damage to the occupants. One of the gnolls opens the door and six hyenas come flooding out to attack the party. The party can also hear the sound of a horn being blown. As the hyenas attack the rest of the party, Phos tries to block the sound, when that doesn’t work he pours the remaining pesh syrup down the tube, causing much coughing and spluttering below. He also notices about thirty gnolls and a large human leave the battlemarket and make their way across to the upper gatehouse. The three gnolls inside have also retreated to the upper gatehouse. Recognising this as a good time to leave, he yells down to the rest of the party to mop up the hyenas and retreat. Meanwhile the rest of the party is being attacked by the hyenas. One even manages to attack Irizati much to Davor’s angst. In the second round Toby jumps down from the roof and wades into the battle. The hyenas are quickly dispatched and the party retreats to the monestary.

Early in the evening the party notices a group of gnolls bearing a bound and gagged prisoner into the middle of the pesh fields between the monestary and the village. One of the gnolls uses a large staff to thump on the ground. The rest of the gnolls look around nervously, and when they notice a hump of earth moving in thier direction they all retreat towards the village. The party start running toward the prisoner hoping to get to him before the creature. While running Phos suddenly draws ahead, his stride lengthening into a cat-like lope and his body changing into a hybrid/leopard creature. He grabs the bound prisoner and heads back to the party, thrusting the prisoner into Davor’s arms and disappearing into the night. Although the party is concerned for the prisoner they have saved, they are more worried for their companion, so they start to track Phos after taking the prisoner, Oxvard, back to the monestary. Raz looks for Phos’s tracks but can see no sign of his passing, until Davor points out some faint tracks heading north-east, towards the river. The tracks lead the party to the Shrine of Nethys, where the party finds a naked and confused Phos in the Altar room. He has no knowledge of how he got there.

Irizati used his knowledge of esoteric subjects to work out that they needed wolfsbane to counteract the affliction and, if possible, before the next full moon. Leaving the rest of the party looking after Phos, Irizati went to the monestary’s herb garden, where he was lucky to find some wolfsbane, but only enough for one try. On returning to the shrine, the party helped Phos take the wolfsbane, and although it sucessfully removed the affliction, it left him very weak and sick.

While they were waiting for Phos to recover, the party decided to investigate the corridor that Raz had cleared when they were last in the shrine. The corridir seemed to go for miles, but closer inspection revealed that it was a large spiral. At the end of the spiral that party discovered a door. The door seemed to be made of gold and had a image of a sun covered by a dove etched on it. There was some writing in Celestial under the image, which Irizati and Tessare translated as:

When the Fire Bleeds, When the Earth Screams, When the Air boils, When the Water Seethes, When 1,000 wishes are spoken, Call my name and I will come.

None of the party could recognise the image, and when the door was approached found their way blocked by an invisible wall about six inches from the door.

The party then went to the scriptorium to see if they could find anything about the door or the image. The only clue they got was that the image was in the style you would expect to see for an avatar of Sarenrae….Irizati was obviously asleep the day this was discussed at seminary.

The party rested in the altar room to allow Phos to regain his strength.

Session 5: Another one bites the dust
Killing some sphinxs 100gp, Killing some Chokers 1000gp, Killing your own party member, Priceless

Absent: Phos


After resting for the evening, the party continued to explore the Shrine. Firstly, Tessare searched for secret doors along the walls of the Altar room. Though, as she approached the Altar, a snake again, uncoiled from the Altar and struck her. She didn’t make her fortitude save against the poison and felt sick. The party then raced to her rescue, swords swinging. The party made short work of the snake, and it retreated back to the Altar, where it became part of the carvings. Tessare felt sicker and sicker, until Irizati used his healing skills to stabilize the poison.

The party then searched the samll room off the altar alcove, but found nothing. As Tessare was searching the back wall of the Altar alcove, a ghostly figure offered her a goblet. The goblet was very dirty, but cleaned up Ok. Tessare, trying to work out what it was, filled the goblet with wood shavings and set it alight. When placed upon the altar, nothing happened. However, the party noticed that the stone arch for the entrance, that had fallen to the floor, had reinstated inself at some point. The arch showed some vulture-like beings. The party then decided to proceed to the other exit off the first room in this level. As the last person left the room, the arch again collapsed.

The party proceeded into the first room and down the smaller corridor which emptied out into a room with four alcoves, one on each end wall and two directly ahead. Three of the alcoves had wooden sphinxes within them, and the fourth was filled with rubble. As Raz stepped foot into the room, the carved sphinxes animated and moved to attack. The party leapt to his defence, with Raz, Irizati and Toby holding off two sphinxes while Davor held off the other Sphinx, with Tessare and Phos helping out. The party found it a tough fight with both Raz and Toby badly hurt.

After the last sphinx had fallen into firewood, Tessare cast Detect Magic on the room. The only source of magic was the back wall of one of the alcoves. Both Raz and Toby looked at the wall, but couldn’t see anything unusual. Tessare then confirmed that it was illusion magic, and everyone elected to disbelieve the wall, which worked for everyone except, ironically, Tessare. The party leading a Tessare with eyes shut, then entered the next room.

The next room was filled with misty blue vapours. Upon breathing in the vapours, Phos started acting very strangely, hitting himself with his quarterstaff, injuring himself quite badly. The party reacted, Raz, by sitting on him, and Davor, by disarming him. At this point, the party was attacked by four creatures, who resembled evil Mr Tickles. One got its hand around Irizati’s neck, preventing him from speaking and slowly strangling him. The other attacked Davor, but did not hit. The party then started to attack the creatures, with the exception of Raz, who was still dealing with an irrational Phos. Two rounds later, Tessare also started acting strangely, trying to stab her own party. Raz reacted to this by subduing Phos into unconciousness and pushing Tessare into the room they had just come from, trusting in her inability to disbelieve the illusion to keep the party safe from her. Meanwhile Davor and Toby had sucessfully killed the Choker strangling Irizati, only to have a second Choker get both hands around his neck, choking him unconcious. The Choker then dragged Irizati away to feed on. Davor tried to stop them, and tragically, missed the Choker, hitting Irizati and killing him. All looked bleak for the party, with both Davor and Toby being choked, Toby going unconcious and being dragged back to the nest, Davor making one mighty swing then collapsing. However, then Raz entered the fray, managing to dispach the last of the badly wounded chokers. Raz, the last man standing, then collected the rest of the party, including an unconcious Tessare he found in the corridor and took them all back to the altar room to heal overnight.

After healing the following morning, the party limped back to the Monestary with Irizati’s body. Father Zastoran was unable to Raise Dead, but on description of the goblets from the shrine, asked to see them. He then asked the party to come with him back to the Altar room at the shrine where he lay Irizati on the Altar and poured water from the goblet onto him. As Irizati began to breathe, the goblet shattered.

After a lot of healing and a couple of days of rest, during which Raz tried to clear out the blocked corridor, the party decided to continue the exploration of the Shrine. The party continued though the room with the illiusionary wall and into the Choker room, although the party had covered their mouths with wet clothes and Irizati had given them some magical help, Phos again began acting irratically. The party quickly bound and gagged him and continued on. They proceed through the choker room, which was filled with baths and other cleansing stuff, to a completely ruined scriptoium. When Tessare again detected magic, she detected it on the large plaque at the end of the room depicting Nethys on his river baque. Raz explored the wall and found a secret door, but had no idea of the opening mechanism. Thinking it couldn’t hurt, Tessare cast open/close, and the wall slid silently upwards. Upon the opening of the door, the party could all hear whispered voices, however only Tessare and Phos (who was gagged) could understand what they were saying. They seemed to be asking about who, what and where they were.

Upon entering the rough-hewn corridor, the party noticed a row a statues, their lips moving, and puffs of blue mist emerging from their lips. The corridor led off onto the dark. Toby offered to strip down to just his clothes and run in, investigate and run back. The party agreed, but made the precaution of trying a rope around his waist in case the mist affected him. Toby ran down the corrridor and into a large cavern. Leviating in the centre of the chamber was a large river barque, the same as on the plaque. However, Toby’s attention was drawn by a man in ragged finery regarding him. “Who are you?”, the man demanded. Toby replied with his name and asked the man the same question. The man refused to answer and asked him to leave, the longer Toby was there, the more agitated the man became. Toby left after only a short while.

The party then decided to question the man. After Tessare asked him many questions, the man getting more agitated by the second, they found that the man was of the house of the Falcon, and claimed to be a Cleric of Nethys. However, he keep asking the party to leave as he considered the shrine his home and they were trespassing. When the party wouldn’t leave the man suddenly changed shape into a man/leopard hybrid and attacked the party using a punching dagger and its bite first concentrating on Tessare. The leopard creature seemed to concentrate on a party member, including poor tied up Phos, but not killing them. After taking some damage, the man/leopard ran into the corner of the room and disappeared. Upon investigation the party discovered a swinging wall leading into the Altar room from the small room at the side of the altar alcove.

The party, badly mauled by the were-leopard, retreated back to the monestary.

Session 4: It's a kind of magic

Absent – Phos and Toby


After retreating back to the Monestary and resting for the night the party decide on their next steps. They decide to cross the river at the ford to the east and then check out the two buildings on the far side of the village on their way to the old shrine shown on their map. Some knowledge checks revealed that it was a shrine to Nethys, the God of Magic, and was placed where it was because of something called the Breath of Nethys, which was rumoured to cause visions.

The party made it way along the riverbank to the first building. On investigation it was an old mill, its wheel still turning with the river’s flow, but the building roofless and abandoned. Raz scouted out in front and on approaching the building could smell something like wet fur. After confirming that it wasn’t the fur of a gnoll he opened the door. From the doorway he could hear a soft growl, like the growl of a wolf, but couldn’t see where, or what, it was coming from. At this point, Davor. secure in her abilities, strode forward into the room. As she entered something swooped from the interior towards her. The creature was a hideous amalgam of wolf, stag and vulture. As it swooped towards Davor, it shadow changed to reflect hers. The Peryton concentrated its attacks on Davor, and everytime it struck, Davor felt a shiver of fear. The rest of the party soon waded into combat, and within three rounds the creature was dead, leaving a frightened Davor behind. While Davor overcame her fear, Raz climbed up the wall to look out to see if the combat had attracted any adverse attention from the village. He noticed a Gnoll Patrol doing a circuit of the village, but they had not reacted to the combat. He timed the patrols movements and worked out that they had 5 minutes where the Gnolls couldn’t see them to cover the open ground to the next building. During this time, Tessare detected magic in the Peryton’s nest, and found a longsword (+1) and a Ring of Jumping.

The party successfully covered the open ground in the 5 minutes and, keeping the building between them and the village, aproached the building’s door. At this point, all of the party had noticed an awful reek to the air. Some were reminded of tanneries they had encountered. Raz checked the door and found it to be unlocked. Upon opening the door, he glanced in to see a Harpy concentrating on stirring something in a cauldron. The room was full of six cauldrons with their contents in various states of completion. She had not noticed the party opening the door, so they rushed her in the surprise round, with Davor successfully bull-rushing her and throwing her to the ground. The party all had a chance at a strike at the prone harpy, and at the end of the round, she cried surrender. In the process of tying her up she started to hum, and Tessare and Davor were absolutely captivated. Irizati tried to gag her, but Davor removed the gag. In the end Phos force missiled her, ending her song and her life.

The party then searched the harpy’s building and found a magical ring (a Ring of the Ram) on her, and a golden pectoral. Davor poured all the contents of the cauldrons onto the ground.

Raz then went to the corner of the building to let the party know when the Gnoll Patrol has gone behind the buildings in the village, giving them 5 minutes to disappear into the badlands near the river and make their way to the old shrine.

The shrine was about a mile away from the village through the badlands. At the front of the shrine there were two statues, their faces abraded by the wind into obsurity. The party went through the first room with no difficulty, but in the second room, Raz noticed some large spiders lurking in the corners. The party decided to take them out. Raz was the first in the room and was attacked by two of the spiders, but not hit. Tessare then entered the room and cast sleep on the other two spiders, one fell asleep, but the other spider attacked, doing damage and poisoning her. Davor then entered the room, and attacked one of the spiders attacking Raz, Tessare retreated towards Davor, and as she passed the doorway Phos force missiled her spider. Between Davor and Raz the two spiders were dispached. Tessare, getting progressively weaker, had her spider dispached by Irizati and Phos. The last sleeping spider was coup de graced by Raz.

The party then passed through to the next room, this was obviously a Sanctuary and the only roofed section left in the building. This room had carvings on all the walls showing Nethys doing good things. As Raz entered the room he was surrounded by ducking and weaving green lights. As he moved through them they popped like bubbles. Each party member got their own entourage of green light bubbles as they entered this room, but the bubbles disappeared as they entered the next room. The next room had four hawk-headed statues in each corner of the room, but the most obvious thing in the room was a large flagstone canted upwards, a no-longer-secret trapdoor.

Raz, to the party’s surprise, jumped down the 30 foot shaft revealed by the open trap-door. Of course, with the ring of feather falling, he gently floated downwards. The rest of the party took the old-fashioned way down. They tied a rope around one of the statues and climbed down. (DM edit, you ended up on the top of the short steps leading into the room, not into the centre of the room, stupid map). On entering the room they found a room with four statues, and three doorways with the doors hanging off. Examination of the doors revealed they had been ripped apart by something with claws. The party entered the larger set of doors and after a short dog-leg corridor entered a large Altar room, with 36 decorated columns and an altar at the very end. Irizati boldly strode toward the altar. Ten feet from the altar he noticed one of the stone snakes on the altars base appear to uncoil and strike at him, missing. The rest of the party ran to his defence, with the exception of Phos, who got distracted by the columns, realising that the room is basically one big spellbook, with each pillar representing a spell. The snake retreats back into the altar after a couple of rounds of combat, not having ever hit anything.

The party then looks at the small room at the side of the altar enclosure, finding it completely empty. When Raz is investigating the back wall of the altar enclosure the party notices a shimmery figure approaching with a cracked and ditrty goblet. The figure offers the goblet to Raz, and upon delivery disappears, leaving Raz holding a goblet. Raz, thinking that it may have some significance, cleans the goblet, and places it on the altar . Nothing happens.

As Phos is engrossed in studing the columns, the party decides to rest. The night passes uneventfully.

DM Comments: I love the way poison works in Pathfinder, it makes so much more sense. I hate players who go places I was only vaguely prepared for.

Session 3: All creatures great and small

Absent: Phos Toby’s 1st session


A caravan of supplies arrived at the monstary, including another slave of Almah’s, Toby the halfling Barbarian.

After introductions, the party continued to investigate the monstary. When investigating the small private shrine Tessare (who was half asleep the past session) thought there was something strange about it, but it took Toby’s keen senses to notice that the statue could be shifted to reveal a secret door. After opening the door the party decended down a set of stairs into the undercrypt.

In the undercrypt they find evidence of a 25 year old battle, with remains tipped out of the niches mixed in with the remains from the battle. Irizati and the rest of the party spend the rest of the day placing the dead to rest. In the meantime, the caravan settles into the monstary.

The next day the party meets with Almah for a strategy meeting. It is suggested that the party scouts the village, and maybe does some guerilla raids. In observing the village, the party notices a group of gnolls approaching one of the houses and throwing meat to something in the house.

The party decides to approach the village using the river bank for cover. The first house the party decides to investigate is an apparent fortification on the bank of the river. The series of buildings were a abandoned slave market that has obviously been ravaged by fire. The party entered the building with the idea to investigate the still-intact tower. However, on the way across the building a black Mamba struck Toby, who failed his first save taking some con damage. The party swung into action, bashing, slicing and freezing and the snake died. Luckily, Toby made his saving throw the next round (poison is very different in PF). The party continued down the street when they encountered the creature the gnolls had been feeding, a dire boar. On his first rush, Toby was down, the party surrounded the boar, and took it down, but not before it had also taken down Raz. The party healed up and retreated back to the monstery to rest.

Session 2: Losing my Religion

Absent: Tessare


After finding the problem at the Sultan’s Claw, it is decided that the caravan would move to an old abandoned monstery at the top of a hill overlooking the village as their home base. The party is requested to ensure that it is safe before the rest of the caravan moves in.

Session 1: Burn Baby Burn


As the party crest the top of the hill, they notice a scene of chaos below them. At the campsite near the Sultan’s Claw, a wagon is burning, sending cinders and burnt Harrow cards through the air. The party runs to fight the fire and help the caravan.

Both Tessare and Phos help put out the fire, Tessare by grabbing a bucket and Phos by his mastery of arcane magics (ie casting Ray of Frost). Irizati tended to the wounded, earning the gratitude of two of the mercaneries. Raz helped the other mercanies drag their wagon away from where it was in danger of being caught alight, Davor helped in this endevour for a small amount of time, until being told that there was someone trapped in the burning wagon. She then bravely ventured into the wagon, but, alas, was too late to save the poor soul (the Astrologer). She was lucky to escape herself.

After all the excitement had subsided the party were taken to be introduced to Almah, the merchant princess they were working for (or owned by in Phos’ case). As they were not there when the fire started, Almah requested that they investigate.

All the party’s investigation point towards the ranger, Dashki, who was meant to have burnt the wagon in a jealous rage, envying the close relationship the Astrologer had with Almah. However, when confronted he keeped claiming that the “Pugwampis” were reponsible.

The party were very sceptical of the Pugwampi story as they could find no evidence of these so-called gremlins. Dashki then pointed out some small canine tracks leading from the caravan into the wilderness. As they followed the tracks they also noticed that the creature appeared to be leading a goat. They tracked the creature until they found it on the other side of a gorge of cactus. When passing through the cactus field the party had incredible bad luck, tripping over and generally falling over their own feet. When reaching the pugwampi, the party continued to have bad luck, culminating in Davor’s falchion being broken. The Pugwampi was defeated and the party bought the pugwampi body and the live goat back to the camp, earning the graditude of the animal keepers.


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