Legacy of Fire

Session 1: Burn Baby Burn


As the party crest the top of the hill, they notice a scene of chaos below them. At the campsite near the Sultan’s Claw, a wagon is burning, sending cinders and burnt Harrow cards through the air. The party runs to fight the fire and help the caravan.

Both Tessare and Phos help put out the fire, Tessare by grabbing a bucket and Phos by his mastery of arcane magics (ie casting Ray of Frost). Irizati tended to the wounded, earning the gratitude of two of the mercaneries. Raz helped the other mercanies drag their wagon away from where it was in danger of being caught alight, Davor helped in this endevour for a small amount of time, until being told that there was someone trapped in the burning wagon. She then bravely ventured into the wagon, but, alas, was too late to save the poor soul (the Astrologer). She was lucky to escape herself.

After all the excitement had subsided the party were taken to be introduced to Almah, the merchant princess they were working for (or owned by in Phos’ case). As they were not there when the fire started, Almah requested that they investigate.

All the party’s investigation point towards the ranger, Dashki, who was meant to have burnt the wagon in a jealous rage, envying the close relationship the Astrologer had with Almah. However, when confronted he keeped claiming that the “Pugwampis” were reponsible.

The party were very sceptical of the Pugwampi story as they could find no evidence of these so-called gremlins. Dashki then pointed out some small canine tracks leading from the caravan into the wilderness. As they followed the tracks they also noticed that the creature appeared to be leading a goat. They tracked the creature until they found it on the other side of a gorge of cactus. When passing through the cactus field the party had incredible bad luck, tripping over and generally falling over their own feet. When reaching the pugwampi, the party continued to have bad luck, culminating in Davor’s falchion being broken. The Pugwampi was defeated and the party bought the pugwampi body and the live goat back to the camp, earning the graditude of the animal keepers.



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