Legacy of Fire

Session 3: All creatures great and small

Absent: Phos Toby’s 1st session


A caravan of supplies arrived at the monstary, including another slave of Almah’s, Toby the halfling Barbarian.

After introductions, the party continued to investigate the monstary. When investigating the small private shrine Tessare (who was half asleep the past session) thought there was something strange about it, but it took Toby’s keen senses to notice that the statue could be shifted to reveal a secret door. After opening the door the party decended down a set of stairs into the undercrypt.

In the undercrypt they find evidence of a 25 year old battle, with remains tipped out of the niches mixed in with the remains from the battle. Irizati and the rest of the party spend the rest of the day placing the dead to rest. In the meantime, the caravan settles into the monstary.

The next day the party meets with Almah for a strategy meeting. It is suggested that the party scouts the village, and maybe does some guerilla raids. In observing the village, the party notices a group of gnolls approaching one of the houses and throwing meat to something in the house.

The party decides to approach the village using the river bank for cover. The first house the party decides to investigate is an apparent fortification on the bank of the river. The series of buildings were a abandoned slave market that has obviously been ravaged by fire. The party entered the building with the idea to investigate the still-intact tower. However, on the way across the building a black Mamba struck Toby, who failed his first save taking some con damage. The party swung into action, bashing, slicing and freezing and the snake died. Luckily, Toby made his saving throw the next round (poison is very different in PF). The party continued down the street when they encountered the creature the gnolls had been feeding, a dire boar. On his first rush, Toby was down, the party surrounded the boar, and took it down, but not before it had also taken down Raz. The party healed up and retreated back to the monstery to rest.



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