Legacy of Fire

Session 7: Who let the Dogs out?

After some discussion of what to do next, the party decided to approach the Kelemarane Battle Market from the side of the church. The party made its way to the western side of the ruined village with no problems. They then sent Raz up the cliff to the church. Raz dropped a rope down to the rest of the group, and after a few mis-steps, they made their way to the top.

Upon reaching the top, the party found themselves in Kelmarane’s Graveyard, with the bulk of the church of Sarenrae between them and the Battlemarket. Going to the north they spied a figure praying at a statue of Sarenrae on the outer edge of the graveyard. Upon approach the man turned to face them and starated to approach. As he approached his aspect changed, and he bacame fully undead as he attacked the party, focusing on Irizati. The party ran to their cleric’s rescue and dispatched the creature. Upon closer inspection of the statue, a secret compartment was revealed, in which lay the holy book of Sarenrae for the village. As well as holding the holy text of Sarenrae, it also contained writing about the village and it’s ways, as is common in Sarenrae’s books. Irizati took the holy book to study.

The party then entered the church and found the remains of a battle. Upon approaching the a;tar they found a set of stairs leading downwards, ending in strange glowing doors, etched with faint lines. Although the party tried, they could not get through the doors.

After dicussions, it was decided that Raz and Toby would creep around the ruins and approach the Northern doors of the Battlemarket. They did so, only to realise they had poked a stick at a hornet’s nest. They hastely retreated around the southern side of the church where the rest of the party is waiting, chased by about 20 gnolls and a very large human. The party battled the gnolls on the narrow section between the church and the edge of the cliff, Looking up they noticed the large human had disappeared, only to fly in behind them. On his first round of attacks he almost kills Raz. However, Tessare had a feeling that she should try and talk to the warrior. In speaking to him, she noticed that his face was contorted, and he indicated that he was being dominated, and that they should knock him out, but he would only be able to hold off the domination for a short time. After about 3 rounds the party reduced him unconciousness. Meanwhile, Toby and Davor reduced the gnolls to kindling.

Bounding the Human, Kardswann the party returned to the monestary.



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